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Are deleted images in Apple's Photos gone for good?

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Reader Thomas Last-name-withheld writes in with a tale of lost love in the age of digital-only images:

My now ex-girlfriend has either deleted all my photos from my MacBook or removed them to an external hard drive. I can’t find them anywhere. They are in no Recently Deleted album or Trash bin.

Thomas says there’s no local backup via Time Machine that he knows of. (This makes me wonder about the age of the gentleman and the ex, but love and heartbreak knows no age.)

In my day, an ex-partner might set photos ablaze, drop them in the toilet, or shred them—but one sometimes had the negatives, and could get new prints made! Although why you would of the person who did that is a subject for a different kind of columnist.

When everything is digital, everything is strangely more vulnerable than the seemingly fragile physical versions. In Photos in macOS, deleting images moves them to a Recently Deleted album found in its Sidebar. (Select View > Show Sidebar if that left navigation pane is missing.)

However, you can click the Delete All button in the upper-right corner of the Recently Deleted album, and the images are then unlinked in all their form in the library and the files deleted.

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