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Smart Home Diary: 16 HomeKit devices, and I'm already wanting more Featured

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I said last time that I was waiting for a grown-up to install my new light fittings for the Philips Hue lights, and this has now been done. This added a total of ten color & white spotlights across three rooms (living-room, office, and bedroom) and two white bulbs for the landing and hall.

The result is that all the lights bar the kitchen, bathroom and spare room are now HomeKit controlled.

Zac talked earlier about his HomeKit setup. In this piece, I’ll share my thoughts on the Philips Hue bulbs, from setup to use; describe how my revised setup works; show the kind of fun you can have with Hue lights; and explain why I now want even more …


Let’s start with the Philips Hue setup process. In theory, you screw in and power on all your bulbs before connecting up the hub and allowing it to find them all. In practice, the hub seemed to have a lot of trouble finding all 12 bulbs, so I switched to doing them one room at a time, which not only proved more reliable but also less confusing.

Done a few at a time, it’s very simple. Screw in the bulbs and switch them on.

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